Autogynephilia vs gender dysphoria . . . (2005b). ”. From its very structure, " autogynephilia " means a sexual arousal directed toward the self as a woman. Some of these include: Stress: Environmental stressors, like the loss of a loved one, a stressful work environment, or family conflict may cause feelings of dysphoria. This was confirmed in a secondary data analysis reported by Blanchard (2009c). winchester serial number search Males vs. . The Classification and Labeling of Non-homosexual Gender Dysphorias. 0. 04. Abstract. Blanchard, Ray (2004). . dulcemoon cam by Sandra M. . 19). 5% of children experience gender dysphoria. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Sexual Dysfunctions, Delayed Ejaculation-check for stress, medication, alcohol, Erectile Disorder and more. Autogynephilic fantasies and behaviors may focus on the idea of exhibiting female physiologic functions, of engaging in stereotypically feminine behavior, of possessing female anatomic structures, or of dressing in women's apparel.